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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rules to Blog By

Today I joined Fronnie Lewis and HelenKay Dimon at the LARA chapter of RWA as we shared insights about Romancing the Internet. I spoke a little about Group Blogging and my wonderful experiences with Petticoats and Pistols. It was a fun day for all in beautiful Barnes and Noble.

For those of you who might be interested in joining or developing a group blog ...


1. Thou shall have FUN with your blog. It's a strategic way to market and promote your books. It's fast and easy and inexpensive.

2. Thou shall promote with a bigger picture in mind. The Blog never stands alone. Should be tied to other events, web sites, gimmicks and media relations.

3.Thou shall develop the blog with a goal and audience in mind. No random thoughts here.

4. Thou shall be provocative - in that your blogs should provoke a response from the readers.

5.Thou shall recreate the experience of your books, tie into your brand or your story.

6.Thou shall use NEWS YOU CAN USE. Write about your craft, your style, how you write.

7.Thou shall always have an advance schedule for posting and use a tag line: "Coming up next on the blog:" to increase reader interest and participation.

8.Thou shall find inspiration in: themes in your books, your brand, your book titles, current events, causes you support or are passionate about and your writing expertise.

9.Thou shall realize media and readers want "topics and "expertise" not people. Events, stunts and PR activities are easier to pull off with a group. ALWAYS USE LINKS in your blogs.

10.Thou shall remember to be TOPICAL. Try to tie your blog into what's happening in today's world. Hot Topics.

Think about what blogs intrigue you and ask yourself "Why" and see if the blogs fit into this criteria. I bet they do!

Happy Blogging all!


CherylStJohn said...

No random thoughts?


Gina Candido said...

Hey, Charlene!!!

So sorry I'm late on posting for this! I got a little busy incorporating all those wonderful tips you and the gals shared during that blogging panel you had at the LARA RWA meeting.

I wanted to let you know that I posted a blog on the event and included some of your awesome tips for blogging!! Check it out!

Thanks again for coming out and sharing your experiences and knowledge!

That's my two pence...
Arial ;) (Real Name: Gina Candido)