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Monday, April 17, 2006

The direction your story takes you!

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to spell Louis Vuitton. Well, since I spelled it right, you have to know that I've been perusing the pages of Vogue magazine. Writing about the rich and famous does have it's disadvantages -- unless, of course, YOU ARE rich and famous. So, for me, going to Rodeo Drive which is pronounced Row-DAY-O and not ROW-Dee-O, is an essential part of my research. I must admit, I haven't been there in almost one year and it's only a thirty minute drive away. But it's there for me whenever I have to think like the powerful wealthy. And for Fortune's and my CEO story coming up next, I DO have to be a fashion, power, in the big leagues now, diva.

And aside from checking out fashion magazines, hot sports cars and upscale restaurants, I also have to get real. With Fortune's Vengeful Groom, my hero is a rodeo rider (that's easy for me) turned rolling-in-it oilman. That's not so easy. So I tuned into a show on cable called Dirty Jobs and lo and behold, we had a real life accounting of what it means to be a roughneck on an oil rig. The host of the show does every part of the muddy, grimy job and explains how it all works. I found that very useful and watched the show, with pen in hand, taking notes. So now, my hero does sound like he knows which end of the Kelly is up. Impressive?

I never mind learning a thing or two about parts of life I may never encounter otherwise. And I never know what direction my writing is going to take me.

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