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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Skittles the Wonderful Cat!

To all who know her, she's truly the "devil" cat, but to me my black and white tuxedo feline is a joy. She sits atop my computer, where she barely fits anymore, gazing down at me with those big yellow eyes, purring contentedly, keeping me company on a very lonely writing day, befriending me and speaking when spoken to. Yes, she talks ... to me. She lets me know what she wants and sometimes she's very vocal. She has her rituals, as many cats do and those make me smile, like when she meows wildly by her food bowl, until I bend down and pet her while she eats, (something my hubby spoiled her with as a kitten). She needs our attention and love when she eats! She's affectionate when she wants to be and she's always with me. If I'm writing, she's in my office. If I'm reading, she's laying by my feet. If I'm outside in the backyard, she wants the same. She even travels well. She loves the car, riding in it, doesn't freak her out. And lately, we've discovered that she likes to be vacuumed. Yes, vacuumed! With an attachment that combs as well as cleans her coat. I've never seen a cat who'll stand still for that.

But as I said, to everyone else, beside my family, she's the devil. She doesn't like anyone invading her territory. When we're home with her, she hides when there's company in the house, but when we're away, she attacks the friends and family who I've commissioned to feed and look after her! One might say, she bites the hands who try to feed her. Not only does she attack, physically, striking with claws and hissing with gusto, but she makes growling sounds so deep in her throat, one might swear it's an exorcist sound. I almost didn't believe it, because rarely does she behave this way when I'm home, but I've seen her strike at my sister, my brother-in-law, my nephew, among others. She's surely a Jeckyl and Hyde cat. With dual personalities and a fierce need to protect what's hers. I won't even go into how she treats our older cat, Snickers. That could take days.

Yet, to us, she's a loving adorable baby girl with a sweet face and matching personality. She's truly a bafflement. Or is she? Are there other cats or animals out there, who behave the same way?

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