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Thursday, April 20, 2006

My First 5 Star Review for Renegade Wife And keep your comments coming for a signed copy of Like Lightning!

Well, since Eharlequin is sold out on Renegade Wife, I've been detouring readers to and I found my first review up there with 5 Stars! *****
Here it is:
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

GOOD - CLEAN - SEXY STORY, March 19, 2006
Reviewer: M. Hartmann "abayyan" (Milan, Michigan United States)

Oh, yeah! Molly McGuire has come to Texas to wed Kane Jackson and have him help find her brother, Charlie.

Only Kane did not know anything about Molly until his ailing grandfather told him to meet her.

Bennet had searched almost 20 years, looking for his grandson and he finally found him six months ago.

Kane had been rescued by a Cheyenne warrior when he was a child and now was more Indian than a white man. He has a terrible past to live with, having lost his wife, Little Swan and taken to the trail of vengeance.
He has finally agreed to make a marriage of convenience with Molly, whom he calls "Little Bird" until they find her brother.
While his mind denies any interest in marriage or family, his body desires his wife. So he lives in utter conflict of mind and body.
Molly has no such problem. She falls in love with her "husband" and looks forward to sharing his bed. [or wagon as the case may be]grin.

Grandpa Bennet wants Kane to sire an heir for their ranch, and to have a happy family life. Maybe that will make Kane settle down. He thinks Molly is the woman for Kane.
Kane finally shares his secret with Molly of his Cheyenne family.

Wonderful story with plenty of sex within marriage. Molly has a very hopeful attitude toward winning her husband's love.
Great characters - great plot - move well within an emotional field.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Such a wonderful upbeat type of story/

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