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Friday, May 05, 2006

1900 Ladies Home Journal Predictions!

Let's see how many of these came true!

In a 1900 Ladies Home Journal magazine these were the predictions for 2005:

There will be no C, X, or Q in the Alphabet because common phonetic spelling will make these letters obsolete. (Oh really?)

Those new fangled automobiles will replace all horse-drawn vehicles. (How astute!)

Hot and cold air will be available inside the house, much like hot and cold water. (Thank goodness for that)

The US Population of about 76 million will zoom to 500 million. (Missed it by 225 million)

Exercise will be so popular that anyone who doesn't walk 10 miles a day will be regarded as a "weakling". (Hand me the Wheaties, please)

People and events around the world will be brought into living rooms, seen and heard in real time through electronic connections of circuits and cameras. (Right on the money here)

Strawberries as big as apples and raspberries the size of baseballs will be common and will convince children they must eat healthy. (Wouldn't that be nice?)

English will still be the first language spoken in the USA, but Russian will be second. (No habla Espanol?)

"Flying machines" will carry powerful telescopes that beam back to Earth photographs "as distinct and large as if taken from across the street". (Super Shuttle anyone?)

I'm amazed at how many they got right here! But I'd never be one to predict the future in 100 years. I can't even keep up with the technology on my cell phone!

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