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Thursday, May 11, 2006

American Idol -What Happened?

I should probably be writing about writing, but today, I thought I'd express my thoughts about American Idol. What happened to Chris? I couldn't believe it! I have said all along that I thought Chris and Katherine would be the last two standing. And after Tuesday night's performance, my hubby and I who love Katherine too, decided she needed our votes. So, we voted 20 times, hoping to keep her in the running. Whether you like her or not, she does have a wonderful voice and can sing. Did any of you feel she'd been sort of sabotaged by the "Elvis" night. Don't get me wrong, I love Elvis. I'm probably one of his biggest fans, but even Simon said that Kat was coming into the night at a disadvantage.

So, maybe others like myself, thought we'd better pick up the phone and vote, vote, vote. I never thought that Chris (whom I think has the best male voice) would be ousted. Never. He was the odds-on favorite in Las Vegas. But maybe everyone knew that and felt like I did, that he had a strong enough fan base to keep him in.

Okay, so I'm making a big deal out of this. But what I love about our country and about American Idol, is that we have a voice, a say-so as to who should win and whose life will be dramatically changed by our choice.

It's hard to see anyone go off the show after going on the journey with them. All are different. All are unique. All can SING. I'm even considering going to their summer tour, when it comes to my area. But most definitely, it won't be the same without Chris and those beautiful brown eyes.

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CherylStJ said...

I thought it would be Katherine, actually. She was lowest in the Dial Idol ratings. Taylor has been #1 all along. So far the rating has never been wrong about the bottom group.

Taylor is my favorite. I found old pics of him with dark hair for my blog. Fun!

Surprisingly, last week Elliot rose to #2. He ROCKED but hadn't been a favorite apparently.

My hubby nearly quit watching when Kelly was voted off. Oh, well, she had her job creating nuclear weapons to return to. *g*

Your problem may be you only voted 20 times, Char! I voted 200 times for Taylor and nearly 100 for Elliott.

Go to and download a nifty little internet speed dialer for free. That's how these contestants are raking in the big numbers. You can vote continuously for 2 hours after the show.

Charlene Sands said...


I loved Kelly too. It's not the same without her. And I like all of them actually. Taylor has the best personality. He's adorable. But I'd always thought that Chris had the best male voice of all.

My husband feels the same about Kat as yours did about Kelly. He'll stop watching if she gets voted off. He thinks she's the most talented and she lives 20 minutes from us. My nephew is a good friend of her good friend. She gave him a McPheever Button.

Thanks for the speeddialer tip. I'll try it Tuesday night and see if it makes a difference!