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Monday, May 15, 2006

Being Adventurous Pays Off

My friend and hairdresser once told me that she and her husband don't look in the newspaper to see when a movie is playing, they just go to the theatre and watch whatever movie is playing next. This way, they come to the movie without any preconceived notions. They are open to seeing something new, something they hadn't planned on, something they might never have even considered seeing. And most times, she says, they enjoy the show.

What a novel idea! Being a little anal, a person who needs organization in her life, someone who always plans ahead, I have to give them credit. I would never do that, though. I couldn't. There are too many taboos in my movie viewing life. I don't like scary movies. I won't sit through them. I don't like foreign films. My husband doesn't like chick flicks. We're not open. We have definite preferences. We plan on the movie, sometimes, he chooses, most times, I choose. (he's so sweet that way), but we are usually in agreement.

So, for Mother's day this year, we decided to put this to the test. Not with a movie, but with a restaurant. We drove down the street and found someplace we had never tried before. Of course, the restaurant had to have an A rating. That's the only stipulation. But we found this adorable Chinese place, with the nicest waitress and all thirteen, (my sister's family joined us) had a wonderful authentic family-style meal in an adorable setting and were pleased with the result. I have to say that it worked and now, I'm hoping to do this again. Just walk into a new place, without knowing anything about it, and hopefully, enjoy the meal.

Sometimes, we get into a rut. Sometimes, we aren't willing to try anything different. I have to commend my friend for her insights. I'll always want to Pick the movie I see ahead of time, but maybe I'm not so fussy about food. Tomorrow, my friends and I well try a new Mexican place for a birthday luncheon. I'll keep you posted. There really may be something to being adventurous!

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