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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Navy Seals -- They are for real!

Last week at a woman's club meeting I was invited to I had the priviledge of meeting a real Navy Seal. Not only was he an amazingly gorgeous man, but he was articulate, polite and humble. The cropped blonde haired, blue-eyed uniformed Captain Smith is everything we romance authors write about, when we write of war heroes -- a man having truly served eight tours in Iraq. The SEALS which originally stand for Sea Air Land, count 2500 today and it's as elite a club as anyone might guess. They are always looking for recruits, as only 10% of highly skilled, sometime Olympic athletes, can make the grade.

These men are the cream of the crop, and not just in the character they show, the stamina they have, but in the sacrifice they make to our country each and every day. We were shown a film narrated by Gerald McRaney about their lives, what they do, the training they take and the missions (in general- they can never be specific) that they accomplish. Autonomy plays a big role, so often their heroics go unnoticed by the average citizen, but they are out there, protecting us at every turn, in almost every major country in the world.

As a romance author, who loves to read (but haven't written) about these men in our romances, I have a much better understanding of just who these guys are. I'm in complete awe. And so grateful to have met Captain Smith and to know that we as writers do them justice by portraying them as the heroes they truly are.

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BWW said...

Capt. Smith? Was that his real name? How SEAL'ish... :-)